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Brian R. Skea, Ph.D.

Brian Skea is a Jungian analyst who trained in Pittsburgh with the I-RSJA, and at the New York Jung Institute, graduating in 1992. He has a private practice in Brewster on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is a member of the teaching faculty and President of the Training Board of the Boston Jung Institute, where he has taught courses on Jung’s life and work, Celtic mythology and alchemy.

At the Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans, MA, Dr. Skea co-leads an ongoing Caregiver’s Group and a men’s group. Jung is best known for his work on psychological types, complexes, and the spiritual search for meaning and purpose, which often occurs after a mid-life crisis. As a Jungian analyst, Dr. Skea works with clients’ dreams, journaling and art work in relation to life challenges such as retirement or divorce. In his practice, he maintains a sliding fee scale, and offers a free initial evaluation session

Before 2004, Brian lived and practiced in the Pittsburgh area as a psychologist and Jungian analyst. He was a faculty member in the Pittsburgh Seminar of the I-RSJA from 1995 to 2004, and served as Coordinator of Training for 6 years. Brian was a founding member and past president of the Pittsburgh Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. He has presented papers on trauma and dissociation, and has published several book reviews and papers in this field, including “Jung, Spielrein and Nash, Three Beautiful Minds” in Terror, Violence and the Impulse to Destroy, ed. John Beebe (2003) Daimon Verlag, and  “Sabina Spielrein: Out from the Shadow of Jung and Freud,” JAP, 2006, Vol 51, 527-552.

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